Chicago Math and Science Academy hosted the Natures’ Fury First Lego League Qualifier on December 7th. There were 14 teams participated in this fun and exciting event. FIRST recognizes all the participants as winners. The results of the event are as follows:

5053 Lightning Strike Champions’ Award  Based on strong performance BALANCED across all three judged areas AND Robot Game score is in top 40% of the highest single scores at the event, Team must complete all 3 parts of the Project, Team must adhere to all Core Values.
331 LTAC Botics Robot Design Award  Mechanical Design, Programming and Strategy & Innovation are weighted equally in determining the award winner.
9524 Seismic Squad Project Award  Research, Innovative Solution and Presentation are weighted equally in determining the award winner. Teams must complete all 3 parts of the project and any season-specific requirements.
15581 Lane Botics Core Values Award  Inspiration, Teamwork and Gracious Professionalism are weighted equally in determining the award winner.
5152 Camras Panthers Judges’ Award  Allows the judges the freedom to recognize remarkable teams that stand out for reasons other than the Core Award categories.
5053 Lightning Strike Robot Performance Award Highest score from all 4 table runs.
6342 Mystical Robo Builders Rookie Team Award Strongest performance of a rookie team based upon Champion’s Award criteria.

The qualifying teams for the state competition are:

  • 5053 Lightning Strike
  • 9524 Seismic Squad
  • 15581 Lane Botics
  • 331 LTAC Botics

Thanks to all who made this happen:

CMSA Staff:

  • Mr. Aydin Kara – Director
  • Ms. Irene Bermundez – PR Coordinator
  • Mr. Senol Cengiz and Ms. Rose Maldonado – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Mr. Kadir Oz – Technical support












FLL Coordinators and Judges:

  •  Mrs. Diane Michalczuk – FLL Operational Partner for Illinois
  • Ms. Jinnel Choiniere – Project Manager, FIRST® LEGO® League
  • Mr. Sravan Suryadevara – Head Judge
  • Mr. Sridhar Raju – Technical Judge
  • Mr. Wally Valters – Technical Judge
  • Mr. Andy Schmitz – Technical Judge
  • Mr. Dincer Coach – Project Judging
  • Mr. Cengiz Karatas – Project Judging
  • Ms. Rose Maldonado – Core Values Judging
  • Mr. Seat Vedziovski – Core Values Judging















Also we had a very special guest among us who supported the future engineers with her positive personality as well as her experience with the “nature’s fury” in Washington, IL. Ms. Natalie Martinez, reporter of NBC Chicago. We are thankful for her generous support for the kids.

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Congratulations for the all teams participated in this event:

FLL004 FLL002 FLL007 FLL009 FLL010 FLL011 FLL014 FLL012 FLL015 FLL017 FLL019 FLL022 FLL024 FLL026 FLL027 FLL028 FLL034 FLL039 FLL036 FLL043 FLL045 FLL047 FLL049 FLL050 FLL054 FLL052 FLL058 FLL062 FLL063 FLL064 FLL065 FLL067 FLL069 FLL070 FLL071 FLL072 FLL075 FLL074 FLL076 FLL077 FLL081 FLL082 FLL083 FLL084 FLL085 FLL086 FLL088 FLL091 FLL097 FLL098 FLL109 FLL105 FLL104 FLL102 FLL110 FLL114 FLL111 FLL116 FLL117 FLL118 FLL137 FLL140 FLL134 FLL129 FLL126 FLL122 FLL141 FLL142 FLL143 FLL146 FLL149 FLL162 FLL159 FLL158 FLL156 FLL155 FLL154 FLL169 FLL170 FLL171 FLL172 FLL175 FLL187 FLL186 FLL183 FLL179 FLL176 FLL173 FLL189 FLL191 FLL197 FLL201 FLL202 FLL212